Welcome To The Best of Scotland

For those of us who have lived here, or for those of you who have visited, Scotland is truly a magical place. A small country, with a large history. From dazzling romance, to dreadful darkness, the legends and tales live long in the memory. All the better told with a glass of whisky in your hand.

This website is our humble contribution to the story of Scotland. We’ll look at Scotland as it really is, rather than through the shortbread tin fantasy often sold to tourists.

Scotland is a place full of contradictions, none more so than in its people – on one hand withdrawn and reserved, yet quick to help and (once the barriers are down) some of the friendliest folk you’ll meet.

You’ll find small essays on this site sharing some of the magic, and hopefully you’ll be a wee bit inspired to come visit us, or to explore further what Scotland has to offer to the open-minded traveller. To get your appetite whetted here is an American visitor’s view of visiting.